Taming the Wild and Listening to the Weak – iKNOW Final Conference

The iKnow conference will present the new methods and tools developed by iKnow to support foresight, horizon scanning and forward-looking activities (FLA). The main objectives of the conference will be to launch the key recommendations and outcomes coming from the project, with wider applications to the European Research Area and many related futures-oriented activities. The activities and outputs from half-a-dozen workshops, over 60 interviews, large-scale Delphi surveys, systematic horizon scanning of over 1,000 ERA-relevant issues, the Practical Guide on Wild Cards and Weak Signals and the ERA Toolkit can be found on the iKnow website.

The iKnow project is one of six Blue Sky foresight research projects funded by the European Commission FP7 under the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities theme. The project is aimed at interconnecting Knowledge on issues and developments potentially shaking or shaping the future of science, technology and innovation (STI) in Europe and the world. In so doing, iKnow focuses on “Wild Cards”, and the “Weak Signals” which help to track them. Wild Cards are high impact and low perceived probability events (e.g. system failures or sudden transformations). Weak Signals are ambiguous events providing advance intelligence on potential wild cards, challenges and opportunities.

For more information and registration please contact siobhan.drugan@manchester.ac.uk

(Registration is limited to 100 participants!)

Download the conference programme here: iKnow_Final_Conference_Programme