Action for Innovation: Innovating from Experience (XXIII ISPIM Conference)

The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) is hosting the 13th annual ISPIM conference in June 2012, Barcelona. From the conference website:

“The plea for innovation is universal. Managers and politicians have understood that innovation is needed on an everyday-basis to strengthen the competitiveness of organisations, regions and countries. Innovation, however, requires more than good ideas and intentions. Leadership, foresight, courage, investment, inspiration and perspiration are needed to turn intentions and ideas into effective action. Even with these elements in place, not every initiative is successful. However, every action and each experience provide new insights into the causes of failed and successful innovation. Successful innovators, be they individuals, organisations, intermediaries or policy makers, must therefore overcome the paradox of building on experience, and yet breaking away from the status quo, with a permanent innovation mindset. These challenges of “Action for Innovation” are the core focus of this conference.”

How does foresight contribute to “Action for Innovation”? Find more details on the conference on its website.