Strategic Foresight track in British Academy of Management Conference 2012 (September, Cardiff University)

The British Academy of Management Conference 2012, organized in September at Cardiff University, UK, has a Strategic Foresight track focusing on foresight in organizations.

From the conference website:

The Track focuses on developing greater understanding of Strategic Foresight in organization’s day to day thinking, acting and the link to strategizing and (long term) strategies. Strategic foresight is our capacity for both sensemaking and probing the future. In organizational environments characterized by ambiguity and complexity, medium to long term forecasts and predictions become less reliable strategic planning processes, other techniques and reasoning must be employed to understand these ambiguous and complex organizational environments. This poses a challenge for both practicing managers and academic scholars attempting to make sense of these unfolding and changing environments – how organizations perceive, respond or enact foresightful insights?

Visit the conference website for more information. Registration and paper submission details are not available yet.