Future Infinite – Solving Global Challenges for Better Futures

The future has its challenges. World population is growing rapidly, which leads to the depleting of resources, like water and raw materials. Also the world population is aging, unemployment rate of the young people is rising, climate change is causing extreme weather eventsand causing huge economic losses. We operating in a more complex environment, in which small events can lead to huge consequenses. This happened in year 2008, in global financial crises.

Luckily we are not victims of the future.

We, as the people, communities, organizations and businesses have a possibility to affect the course of the future. At the best, we are changing the future challenges to big opportunities, for new businesses, that are bringing wealth to the nations. The solutions for the future challenges might feel unbelievable today. To find them, we need to smash our conventions.

Future Infinite conference is a melting pot that brings together the most insightful people and the biggest ideas in research, government and business from around the world. The idea of the conference is that by discussing the challenges of the future in heterogenious groups we can find solutions and new practises that are making the future brighter for all of us.