Engage today to shape tomorrow

The focus of the 5th International Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis is on the potential of FTA to “Engage today to shape tomorrow”.

There are three main conference themes that will help structure contributions and discussions:

Theme 1: FTA and Innovation Systems
Theme 2: Creative interfaces for forward looking activities
Theme 3: Cutting edge FTA approaches

The conference is open to practitioners, researchers, and decision makers from around the globe, and will feature a casino rich program of keynotes, papers, posters, workshops and knowledge labs. The conference aims at bringing these communities together to engage in discussing the use and impacts of FTA approaches and to identify and explore possible synergies and future developments.

Conference registration will open at the beginning of August.

The conference organisers encourage contributions from practitioners coming from science, business, policy making and civil society organisations. The deadline for submitting abstracts is Monday 23 June 2014.