EFP Brief No. 57: Greece’s Path to the European Knowledge Society

In the context of its four-year work programme, Analysing and Anticipating Change to Support Socio-Economic Progress 2001-2004, the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions launched EUFORIA – a project on ‘European Knowledge Society Foresights (KS foresights) for living conditions, working conditions and industrial relations’. The purpose was to understand the ‘drivers’ of the Knowledge Society and to anticipate their potential impact on living and working conditions and industrial relations. The underlying aim was ‘to identify and support paths to positive transformation while avoiding unsatisfactory development paths’. Especially in the case of Greece the development of a knowledge society is considered a major challenge due to the country’s lagging behind in terms of technological development and the knowledge society indices.

EFMN Brief No. 57 – Greece’s Path to the European Knowledge Society