EFP European Policy Workshop on ‘Active and Healthy Ageing – a long term View’

On Monday, 31st January 2011 in Brussels the first European Foresight Platform (EFP) European Policy Workshop will take place, focusing on “Active and healthy ageing – a long-term view” in support of the pilot European Innovation Partnership in the field of active and healthy ageing.
In the context of the leverage of the innovation chain on active and healthy ageing, the workshop will approach the central question of “how to increase the average healthy lifespan in the European Union” from three main perspectives: (1) scientific and technological; (2) social innovation and acceptability assessment (ELSI) of ideas; and (3) policymaking. Concrete policy options at European level to tackle the challenge of “Active and Healthy Ageing – with a Long-term View” are expected to result from this Policy Workshop.

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EFP policy workshops aim to cross-fertilize ideas by using ongoing forward looking activities and to provide support to policy-makers at European, national and regional levels in preparing strategic responses to these major challenges.

The workshop casino online to be held on 31st of January 2011 builds on the previous EU foresight monitoring network (EFMN) report published in 2009: “Healthy ageing and the future of public healthcare systems” available at http://ec.europa.eu/research/social-sciences/pdf/efmn-special-issue-on-healthcare_en.pdf.

The workshop aims to bring together policy makers, foresight experts, representatives from the scientific and engineering community, industry representatives, as well as ethicists a

nd social scientists. The workshop is planned as a one-day event and will take place at European Commission DG Research premises in Brussels.

Download the background document and the background document updated with results from the expert workshop on “Active and Healthy Ageing”.

For more information, please contact the project coordinator: Susanne Giesecke


Susanne Giesecke: Introduction to the workshop and to the long-term view on active and healthy ageing

Miriam Leis Active and Healthy Ageing – A Long-Term View up to 2050

Maria Iglesia Gomez: European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

Domenico Rossetti: Purpose of the EU Forward Looking Activities

John Cleland: The Ageing Challenge

Beaten Kettlitz: Healthy Ageing – An Initial CIAA Reflection

Bart Schelfhout: Reflection from Philips