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In this section we gather educational programmes related to Foresight, Forward-looking Activities and Futures Studies. The short description introduces the program and by clicking on the screenshot you will be forwarded to their website.


Master´s Degree in Strategic Foresight


System turbulence and rapid change are the ‘new normal’ in the world of key decision-makers. Each day decisions must be made and plans devised for an ever-changing and often uncertain future. Strategic foresight challenges to engage with complexity as part of leadership practice.

It provides a framework that enables participation in the ‘long game’ by thinking broadly about the team and organisational challenges.

Where? Swinburne University of Technology
What? Master of Strategic Foresight
Who? Maree Conway

Graduate Certificate in Futures Studies


Future Studies at the University of Sunshine Coast aims at shaping the future of our world, contributing to the wellbeing of society and generating alternatives for better opportunities. It provides you with a sound foundational knowledge of the futures field and introduces a range of futures methods, concepts and tools.

The program hones leadership skills, links personal and organisational values to actions and their outcomes, and stimulates creative engagement that generates a range of alternatives to business as usual.

Where? University of Sunshine Coast
What? Postgraduate degree on campus or online
Who? Marcus Bussey


Master´s Degree in National Strategic Intelligence


This program seeks to provide students with a training that allows them to apply foresight and strategy to numerous activities and connect it to the development of human rights, ethical awareness, solidarity, thoughtful consideration and critical thinking for human resources and materials.

It provides an education which is built on spesific and interdisciplinary knowledge as well as methodological skills necessary for the application in various public or private areas.

Where? Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Faculdad de Sciencias Jurídicas y Sociales
What? Inteligencia Estratégica Nacional
Who? Ángel Pablo Tello


PhD in Corporate Foresight and Organizational Future Orientation


You are interested to do research on Organizational Future Orientation or Corporate Foresight? The graduate school at the Aarhus University is are a group of researchers that are interested in understanding how fims can become more resilient against change in their environment and use external change to improve their competitive position.

They offer PhD scholarships every six months.

Where? Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences
What? PhD on Organizational Future Orientation or Corporate Foresight
Who? René Rohrbeck


Master´s Degree in Futures Studies


The Finland Futures Research Centre trains futures-oriented experts by providing academic education for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Futures Studies are a Major Subject at the Turku School of Economics and consist of the international Master’s Degree Programme in Futures Studies and multidisciplinary sustainable development studies.

In addition to its educational activities, the FFRC conducts active research on questions related to learning and teaching.

Where? University of Turku, Finland Futures Research Centre
What? MA Futures Studies, MA Strategic Innovation and Future Creation
Who? Hanna-Kaisa Aalto


Master´s Degree in Foresight and Innovatoion


The main objective of the programme is to train high-potential students and executives to be able to deal with global issues and to flourish within the new global community. It will prepare students to cope with the paradigm shift and complex dilemmas of the new emerging society. Theory being not sufficient to confront this organizational change, this training is based on innovative models of teaching and learning with an emphasis on application over pure theory.

The program is intended to create cognitive dissonance, provoking students to think and act in new and different ways.

Where? The faculty is still conducting a search for an institution to host the program
What? Master´s Degree in Foresight and Innovatoion
Who? Secretary Foresight Innovation


Master´s Degree in Futures Studies


The need for an examination of the future following scientific principles has increased, not least due to the rise in complexity of the highly developed societies we live in. The programme gives students the chance to develop a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aspects of futures studies, their potential and limits.

It also aims at conyeing the skills necessary to implement the results of the research.

Where? Free University Berlin, Institut Futur
What? Masterstudiengang Zukunftsforschung
Who? Bernd Stegmann

Extension Studies in Corporate Foresight


Although the benefits of Foresight are apparent and numerous research endeavours have proven the success of proactive forecasting, many firms still shy away from dedicated examination of the future – primarily because they do not recognise its potential or estimate the effort to be too great.

However, especially in today’s turbulent corporate environment, systematic methods of future research can decisively support decision making processes under uncertainties.

Where? EBS Business School, Institute for Futures Studies and Knowledge Management
What? Certificates in Corporate Foresight, Courses in Corporate Foresight
Who? Bianca Engel


Courses in Futures Studies


The mission of the Futures Studies Department is to raise awareness of and responsibility for the future, and disseminate concepts, methods and tools to influence it, through education, research and consulting. As future-orientation and thinking should be integral part of today’s and tomorrow’s society, it focuses on involving younger generations.

Where? Corvinus University of Budapest, Futures Studies Department
What? Courses in Futures Studies
Who? Erzsébet Nováky


Graduate Program in Futures Studies


The program recognizes and maintaines the interdisciplinary, also the multidisciplinary, character of the field Futures Studies. It makes students capable of undertaking independent projects and interdisciplinary research works, using IT tools in various fields including Technology Management, Forecasting, System Dynamics, Modeling and Simulation, Knowledge Management and Discrete Mathematics.

Where? University of Kerala, Department of Futures Studies
What? Graduate Program in Futures Studies
Who? Secretary of the Department


Postgraduate Program in Foresight, Strategy and Innovation


This programme seeks to respond to a growing demand from private and public organizations for skills and tools to raise the capacity to anticipate, enhance the ability of innovation and improve the competitiveness as well as the value creation.

It is based on a holistic approach which integrates Foresight, strategic Leadership and Innovation with a set of organizational factors, design and project management, competitive intelligence, and knowledge management.

Where? Instituto Desenvolvimento, Estudos Económicos, Financeiros e Empresariais
What? Prospectiva, Estratégia e Inovação
Who? José Maria Brandão de Brito

South Africa

Postgraduate Program in Futures Studies


The programme is designed to expose participants to the nature of global change, its rapid pace and its ever-increasing complexity and to give them n understanding of the forces and trends that shape the future. It aims at building managing and organisational strategies to help create a desired future. It is a one-year programme consisting of six modules:

Applied philosophy; Managing for change; Principles of Futures Studies; Applied systems thinking; Measuring and making the future; and Understanding the world.

Where? Stellenbosch University, Economic and Management Sciences
What? Postgraduate Program in Futures Studies
Who? Lynnette Ferreira


Undergraduate and Graduate Program in Futures Studies


The Institute incorporates theories and practice of futures studies to explore the trend of national politics, economy, culture, society, and environment. Future Studies is recognized a mainstream of knowledge system in the 21st century (cross-field integration instead of traditional field instruction). Such design is intended to establish the theory system of futurology and conduct aggregate research on human lives.

It aims at cultivating students observation and forecast capabilities in research.

Where? Fo Guang University, Department of Futures Studies
What? Graduate Institute of Futures Studies
Who? Fo Guang Secretary

Undergraduate and Graduate Program in Futures Studies


The major objective of the Institute is to integrate various disciplines to meet the megatrend of the ‘learning revolution’. It emphasizes a transdisciplinary approach in facing the new era of globalization, information- and future-oriented education. It also puts great emphasis on local society’s historical and cultural development in a broader context of globalization.

The students will receive long-range, forward-looking and integrative training so as to become future leaders that have insights and visions.

Where? TamKang University, Graduate Institute of Futures Studies
What? Undergraduate and Graduate Program in Futures Studies
Who? Jian-Bang Deng

United Kingdom

Futures training courses


There are three courses on offer at the Foresight Unit of the UK Government Office for Science, which are all looking at different futures analysis concepts and techniques. The first is for beginners, the second is for those who want to develop the ability to develop scenarios and use them, and the last one is for those who have some experience of futures methods and wish to learn more about applying them to policy.

Where? Department for Business Innovation & Skills,
What? Futures training courses
Who? UK Foresight Unit


Master´s Degree in Foresight


The emerging professional field of Foresight helps clients and employers to anticipate significant changes that lie ahead and to influence those changes to achieve their long-term goals. The aim is to translate strategy into action and to communicate it.

The program addresses these concerns by focusing on forecasting and planning discontinuous and transformational change by analyzing rapid alterations in external environments and by using systems thinking to increase the chances of achieving preferred futures.

Where? University of Houston, Technology
What? Master´s Degree in Foresight
Who? Andrew Hines

Master´s Degree in Strategic Foresight


It takes more than traditional business practices to lead a successful organization; it takes the tools and ability to recognize and understand the trends that help predict future challenges and opportunities. It is an opportunity to study the future in the context of organizational decision-making and includes environmental scanning, forecasting of trends, development of strategic plans, the scenario learning process and other foresight practices.

Where? Regent University, School of Business & Leadership
What? Master´s Degree in Strategic Foresight
Who? Bruce Winston

Undergraduate and Graduate Program in Futures Studies


The programs are an opportunity to reconceptualize and invent the future. Through the exploration of theories, methods, and uses of futures studies, students are taught to see futures as multiple and open, with many possible outcomes requiring their participation. Upon completion they are empowered to observe emerging issues, evaluate differing cultural and disciplinary perspectives, then envision and facilitate preferred futures.

It is designed for students who wish to engage in futures research professionally from a political science perspective.

Where? University of Hawaii, Department of Political Science Futures Studies
What? Undergraduate and Graduate Program in Futures Studies
Who? Jim Dator