EFP Final Conference: Young Researcher‘s Session on FLA Related Research

PhD and Master Students presented their work on FLA related research

The European Foresight Platform (EFP, www.foresight-platform.eu) final conference “FLA for the New Governance of Innovation Systems” aimed at establishing a theoretical grounding for forward-looking activities in a cross-disciplinary setting. Therefore qualitative and quantitative methods applied in FLAs were connected to aspects of governance and other new challenges for Forward Looking Activities (FLAs). Furthermore, the conference summed up the efforts and results of three years of the European Foresight Platform project and provide an outlook for follow-up actions.

The young researcher’s session on forward-looking activities (FLAs) was part of the EFP final conference and aimed at bringing together PhD students and master students from the field of future studies, FLAs and foresight. The objective of this session was to discuss insights, approaches, concepts and methods that students use in their research and to further extend the participants’ knowledge on FLAs in a European context and beyond.

Travel grants up to 400€ could be provided for the four best papers summarized in an EFP Brief and submitted together with the other above mentioned documents until August 31, 2012 (only one grant per person is possible). The brief template can be downloaded here http://www.foresight-platform.eu/briefs-resources/brief-submission/.

Parallel Session I Experiences with methodological approaches in Foresight
Chairs: Ruben Nelson & Peter Bishop
– René Alejandro Suárez Puello: A Foresight Approach to Reshaping the Actions in the Food Supply and Security Master Plan of Bogota
– Anna Kononiuk: The methodology of scenario construction based on triangulation concept
– Hanna Pistorius: The learning individual in the process of participatory foresight. How does participation in a participative technology foresight workshop influence the learning individual?
– Sofi Kurki: The Delphi Method and the Future of Deliberative Sense-making Systems
– Alicja Gudanowska: Overview of technology mapping activities in Polish foresight initiatives

Parallel Session II
Corporate Foresight Chairs: Ron Johnston & Peter Biegelbauer

– Nicole Ambacher: Corporate Foresight.
– Anna Sacio-Szymańska: Setting priority R&D directions for the strategic research institutes
– Nedal El-Ghattis: The Future of Islamic Banking in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Grand Challenges Chairs: Philine Warnke & Fabiana Scapolo
– Alexander Chulok: Grand challenges and S&T responses: a case from Russian S&T Foresight 2030
– Urszula Glinska: The results of Technology foresight ‘NT FOR Podlaskie 2020’. Regional Strategy of Nanotechnology Development