EFP Brief No. 61: Malta’s Marine Sector 2020

With Europe’s move towards adopting a common integrated maritime policy, a strong need was felt in 2002 for Malta to explore ways of re-assessing its maritime sector in terms of enhancing the competitiveness of its maritime industry and exploiting the marine RTD base in niche areas that could offer strategic opportunities for growth. The Marine Foresight Pilot Exercise implemented in 2003, used specific tools and adapted foresight approaches to address these concerns taking into account the particular socio-political and economic contexts  of the Maltese Islands. The foresight process and its outcomes (a vision for 2020) triggered a strategic national dialogue on the importance of the marine sector, which was instrumental in positioning the marine sector among the priority areas targeted for public research investments in the National Strategic Plan for Research and Innovation 2007-2010.

EFMN Brief No. 61 – Malta’s Marine Sector 2020