Joining EFP

Community building is a central element of the European Foresight Platform. We would like to foster networking, communication, cooperation, support and the exchange of ideas between individuals and organisations related to Foresight and other Forward Looking Activities – not only in Europe but in other parts of the globe as well.
The EFP Membership is free of any charge.


Being a member of the EFP gives you the opportunity to actively engage in the European foresight community. You can connect to other professionals, participate in the Foresight forum and sign up for the EFP newsletter. As a member you can also publish your own foresight exercises as an EFP brief.

Furthermore, the EFP network provides the opportunity for foresight-related learning and the familiarization with different foresight methods, practices and experiences through the updated edition of the Online Foresight Guide Forlearn.


If you are professionally involved in Foresight or Future-related Activities (forecasting, scenario development, simulations, strategic planning, business development, innovation, education, methodologies, consulting, policy making, technology and risk assessment etc.) and are interested in obtaining advise and know-how from professionals in that field, the EFP community may just be the right place for you!


To register please send us an email with your real name, your user name, the name of the organisation you are related to and a short statement of the reason for you interest.