EFP Brief No. 171: Research Priorities for Digital Creative Industries in Europe

With creativity and strategy, the CReATE project designed and implemented a novel strategic cluster development approach integrating Strategic Policy Intelligence tools (such as foresight and impact assessment) and direct innovation support instruments. Guided by a trans-regional framework and based on very different regional strengths and research, technology development and innovation (RTDI) support histories, it aimed at fostering cross-cluster and transregional learning and knowledge exchange more effectively and successfully. In an iterative process, alternating between and mutually enriching the regional and the trans-regional levels, research priorities for information and communication technology innovations in “Culture and I must say that my experience has changed a lot since I’m using roulette en ligne Number, I get good money and with a legal software. Creative Industries” were identified. Strongly related to their “fields of excel-lence & fields of aspiration” (the existing strengths but also the future development trajectories set by the regional stakeholders), the stra-tegic capabilities of the different stakeholder groups were strengthened and a strategic joint research agenda was developed. On this base, broader and more far-reaching activities will be developed regionally and trans-regionally, also involving partners from outside the con-sortium and optimising regional, national and EU programmes from RTDI and other policy fields.