FESTOS workshop: Security Threats and Responses (Technology Foresight)

The FP7 FESTOS project is organizing its final workshop on the 8th of December in Brussels. The topic is “Technology Foresight: Security Threats and Responses”.

FESTOS (www.FESTOS.org) is a FP7 project funded by call 1 of the FP7 Security program, which aims to identify and assess evolving security threats posed by the abuse of emerging technologies and new scientific knowledge and to propose means to reduce their likelihood.

Nanotechnology, ICT, robotics and Biotechnology are some major fields in the forefront of S&T which may give rise in the future to new unexpected security threats. Early awareness of potential threats posed by these technologies will better prepare Europe to take appropriate preventative measures. Foresight and forward-looking methods have been applied in FESTOS to capture some of these threats and potential ways to cope with such developing security risks.

In the workshop, the FESTOS project results will be presented and policy recommendations discussed. The workshop will be attended by EU representatives and experts from different fields. The event offers you a proactive opportunity to give feedback, offer opinions and have a personal impact on the future security research policy of the EU.

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