Vienna Foresight Training: Using Delphi Effectively

Delphi surveys are becoming more and more frequent as part of Foresight studies and other prospective activities. The popularity of Delphi as a survey tool has risen in part due to the use of new information technologies and possibilities provided by the internet. However, a central challenge for the effective use of Delphi remains the development of a quality criteria framework to obtain outcome measures that effectively serve to develop meaningful scenarios for increasingly complex economic, social, and technological questions.

The success of a Delphi survey depends on such quality criteria and number of experts willing to commit their precious time to answering the survey questions. As the number of requests for participating in a Delphi survey increases, though, many experts feel that their time resources are limited. Especially if the quality of the Delphi is low, the content repetitive, and the survey itself too long, the Delphi is doomed to fail. One possibility to avoid failure is to improve the skills of the organizers by learning from good and bad practice

The training workshop is organized in such a way as to follow the typical work flow of a Delphi exercise, including an actual instant Delphi survey in several rounds. This workshop intends to upgrade the knowledge and practical skills of foresight planners and practitioners that have already some experience in organising a Delphi process and would like to learn more about possibilities offered to fine-tune the technique in specific contexts. The different modules provide an overview on the conceptual and methodological foundations of Delphi and the steps involved in setting up the process. The interactive training modules offered will consolidate the practical knowledge of the participants to build on the specific explorative, predictive and normative elements of the methodology.

The workshop is organised by the AIT Department of Foresight and Policy Development in collaboration with leading experts in the field. The number of participants will be limited to a maximum of 18.

Participant fee:       € 360 (VAT included)
Special fee for students:   € 228 (VAT included)

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Susanne Giesecke
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
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Beatrice Rath
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Foresight & Policy Development

Dana Wasserbacher
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
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