Opening Event “Cultural Goods Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow: Old Tracks – New Traces”

Cultural goods/assets are not only old castles or artistic productions. Traditions and knowledge count as well! Our interests concern the spirit of “interaction” between future and past to keep up with and use cultural goods in the context of flexible and innovative problem solutions for sustainable future. In view of a Europe of Regions we are led to consider closely the multicultural pool of historically built up problem solutions as the foundation for the competitive advantage of a new Europe but also as an obligation and responsibility toward the world as a whole.

In the name of the Centre for the Management of Risk and Crisis and all cooperating organisations we most kindly invite you to take a look at the attached details and eventually take part in our very special event which is supposed to set off a series of further events dedicated to the development of consciousness, knowledge and action guiding ideas concerning selected aspects of cultural goods.

For further information and registration: (Homepage and event will be in German language.)
On behalf of Norbert Fürstenhofer, Brgd. ret.,
& DI Johannes Göllner, MSc Presidents of the Centre for the Management of Risk and Crisis