Welcome to A New World Re-Imagined Foresight & Trends in LA

The idea of the Foresight & Trend ’13 conference is to build a learning approach on current knowledge contextualized through pragmatic examples. In an exploratory experience visionary knowledge is synthesized, translated into a strategic plan for capturing future opportunities and made commercially relevant during implementation workshops. Active participation ensures adaptation and actionability making it the antidote to conventional conferences.

Trends Expert & Visionary Steven Van Der Kruit names five macro forces shaping the future: Humanity, Connectivity, Empowerment, Experience & Health.

These trends will help expand the mind to create visions, which will be contextualized in the conference. Illustrating the relevance through real world application examples will translate visionary knowledge into commercial opportunities for implementation and set the exploratory learning outside the conference walls.
It’s all about the HOW not the what.

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