WorldFuture 2014: What If


It might be the second-oldest question (after “why”) in the history of sentient beings. “What if” extends our minds beyond what is to contemplate what may be. It is the key we rattle in the locked doors of what we thought were unknowable futures. And it is the rejection of predetermined destinies. From “What if it rains” (and “What if it doesn’t”) to “What if the river floods my crops” to “What if we could control the rain and the river,” our constant questioning is part of our drive to explore, understand, and shape our world and our future.

The World Future Society invites you to join us for WorldFuture 2014: What If in Orlando, Florida, along with a thousand other men and women who are engaged in this fundamental drive to question our futures. We predict their answers will inspire new ideas—and even provoke new questions. And Orlando is the perfect setting to explore the imaginative nature of foresight, for futurists of all ages. A range of local activities and events will open up the playful side of innovation and creativity that will
delight attendees.

What: Preconference master courses and education summit will be held, and the Professional Members Forum will follow the conference.

Who: Strategic planners, visionary thinkers, consultants, educators, learners, and leaders from around the world.

You can visit the homepage for further information or registration.