European Journal of Futures Research – Call for Papers IV

Special Topic 2014: The Future of Europe
Guest Editor-in-Chief Markus Pausch

The European Journal of Futures Research (EJFR) invites scholars to submit articles in a topical collection on “The Future of Europe”. Contributions should explore a wide range of issues which are important for the further political, economic and social development of the European continent.

In the light of the economic crisis, crucial achievements of the EU are at stake. The common currency, the role of the European Central Bank as well as the member state contributions to the EU budget have become a matter of ongoing controversial debates. After the European elections of May 2014, institutional relations between Commission, Council and Parliament need to be rethought. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the NSA affair shed light on sensitive future issues between the EU and the United States, and the Ukrainian conflict not only raises questions on the territorial frontiers of Europe, but also on its relations to Russia. Furthermore, nationalist movements and a rising EU scepticism threaten social peace, coherence and solidarity, the unemployment rate of young people in some countries is alarming, social systems are getting more and more under pressure. All these and other current problems have an important impact on the future of Europe.

We therefore welcome papers on the above-mentioned topics that take into consideration their future dimension, such as:

– Renationalization or federation (finality question)

– Enlargement and territorial frontiers of the EU

– Relations to Ukraine and Russia

– Threats and chances of the TTIP

– Reforms of the EU budget

– Social standards and social policy

– Inter-institutional relations

– Youth unemployment

– Supranational democracy

– Social and technological innovations

– Other policy fields of the EU


In the EJFR we want to explore these issues by going beyond conventional prognoses, trend descriptions and contemporary foresight approaches.
We are therefore delighted to invite you to take part in our fourth Call for Papers, which should highlight the issues described above, but which could be illustrated from concrete projects at regional, national and transnational level. We are open to a wide range of fields and topics. However, topics discussed should be relevant to European and international readers.


Please note: Contributions to the EJFR must be in English and should not exceed 7,000 words including references. We appreciate manuscripts that are professionally proofread. All articles will be subject to double-blind peer review.

Abstracts are welcome as from now until the end of August 2014 at the latest.
Abstracts should be between 100 and 150 words and should list keywords.

19 September 2014: Papers due
15 October 2014: Notification of results of peer review
15 November 2014: Revised papers due
End of 2014: Publication online

For further information about the “Aims and Scope” of the EJFR as well as for the “Instructions for Authors” please visit our website.

Please send abstracts and/or enquiries to:
Markus Pausch, Guest Editor-in-Chief
Annemarie Hochkönig, Editor