R&I strategies and policy priorities in new mission-oriented programs: The case of security

ETTIS – European Security Trends and Threats in Society is a EU FP7 collaborative research project focused on identifying and assessing opportunities for enhancing societal security, improving situation awareness and informing investment and policy options for societal security. ETTIS aims to construct a comprehensive framework which can be used in the formulation of future decisions and security R&I policies.

This workshop is organized to bring together policy-makers, program developers, R&I planners and researchers dealing with future strategies for security R&I and related areas. The aim of the workshop is to discuss emerging challenges for R&I programming and policy, and the ETTIS approach to R&I priority-setting.

Key notes and a panel discussion in the morning will be complemented by working groups on the ETTIS pilot topics in the afternoon, with the aim of critically revisiting the approach and results of ETTIS, and exploring future ways ahead.

The ETTIS consortium, Austrian Institute of Technology, Swedish Defence Research Agency and the Peace Research Institute Oslo, would very much appreciate your participation and collaboration in this workshop. For further information on the ETTIS project please visit the projects website.

Early bird registrations can be sent to Beatrice Rath.