EFP Brief No. 76: SCOPE 2015 – Scenarios for EU RTDI Cooperation with Developing Countries

The SCOPE 2015 Project, which was conducted during 2005, sought to demonstrate the utility of foresight to EC policy makers and others concerned with RTDI cooperation with developing countries. The project was small in scale but big in ambition, covering four regions of the world: countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States the CIS states excluding Russia, Latin America excluding Brazil, Maghreb and Mashreq, and Sub-Saharan Africa excluding South Africa. The specific purpose of the project was to produce ten-year scenarios focused upon contextualised scientific and technological developments in selected regions of developing countries with a view to drawing implications for European RTDI cooperation policy. The project was led by PREST of the University of Manchester in cooperation with  three partners: CKA of Belgium, the Malta Council for Science and Technology, and the Steinbeis-Europa Zentrum in Germany.

EFMN Brief No. 76 – SCOPE 2015 – Scenarios for EU RTDI Cooperation