Workshop 12/13 dec, Madrid: contributions to smart, green and inclusive growth for Europe 2020 (by IPP-CSIC)

From the workshop website:

“The goals of the Europe 2020 initiative of the European Commission for reviving the economy of the European Union can be briefly summarised as the achievement of “Smart, Sustainable, and Inclusive Growth” with greater coordination of national and European policy by 2020. How to achieve these goals and to maintain European competitiveness is now hotly debated among European policy makers. A careful research and analysis of public policies has become essential in order to inform policy-making communities.
The aim of this workshop is to bring together original research papers relevant for the “EUROPE 2020” initiative produced by both distinguished international scholars and IPP researchers. The workshop will consist of three sessions dedicated to “Smart Growth”, “Green Growth”, and “Inclusive Growth”.”

For more information, see the workshop website: