The supercomputer that can predict the future (even the next recession)

The EU is considering spending 1 billion Euros on the FuturICT flagship project. This project has as its goal to utilize the opportunities offered by the developments in ICT to integrate ICT, Complexity Science and the Social Sciences, and in doing this create a paradigm shift, facilitating a “symbiotic co-evolution of ICT and society.”

Some quotes:

“This platform will power Exploratories, to detect and mitigate crises, and Participatory Platforms, to support the decision-making of policy-makers, business people and citizens, and to facilitate a better social, economic and political participation. […]

FuturICT as a whole casino online will act as a Knowledge Accelerator, turning massive data into knowledge and technological progress. […]

The FuturICT flagship proposal intends to unify hundreds of the best scientists in Europe in a 10 year 1 billion EUR program to explore social life on earth and everything it relates to.”

The Daily Mail also has a news item on the project with the sensational title “Get ready for the supercomputer that can predict the future (even the next recession)”. Visit the project website for more information:

Will this leave foresight practicioners without a job, in the future?