Space Consumer Man – Soil as an Unrecognized Resource

The most underestimated resource of our planet is literally trampled underfoot: the soil. Because it is fixed in its position and cannot be increased in quantity, it is the most precious property that we have. In this issue of the “Future Lectures” by Dennis Meadows the dilemma of the soil as a resource is examined in detail at the University of Agricultural Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna.

A healthy soil is the basis for food production, groundwater storage and purification and it is the physical support for human civilizations. Approximately 22 hectares of land are paved over every day in Austria, which is roughly the size of an average Austrian farm. These areas are no longer available for following generations to fulfil the natural soil functions, since the process of sealing is virtually irreversible.

Contribute to dgfev online casino the conversation with: Prof. Markus Fiebig (BOKU, Institute of Applied Geology), Dr. Kurt Weinberger (Director General of the Austrian Hail Insurance) and students from the University of Agricultural Sciences; Introduction Dr. Peter Iwaniewicz (Ministry of Agriculture)

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