Introduction à la veille et à la démarche prospective

Next year starts with a highly interesting conference on monitoring and forecasting processes by the well-known expert on prospective and président-délégué général de Futuribles International Hugues de Jouvenel.

The objectives of this event will be to demonstrate the value of monitoring and foresight approaches as an early instrument for decision-making and action, to specify the concepts used, the philosophies that underlie them and their strengths and limitations on the operational level.
Foresight as an instrument of anticipation has a double dimension through exploration and construction of the future.
This event aims at providing you with a detailed and concrete description of how to organize the process of monitoring and forward thinking activities through theory and practice with application examples to discuss reporting methods and monitoring tools. It allows you to take ownership in one day, gives you an idea of the basic concepts and methods as well as an exploratory prospective illustrated through the presentation and discussion of theories and case studies.

For further information and registration visit the website of futuribles.